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Our Story

King James Music Group is a brand that was created from the beauty and passion for music, combined with an avid creative interest in clothing and style. We design cool and stylish clothes that feature simple patterns and high-quality materials. We believe simple is always better in terms of style. Just take a look at all the ageless fashion that’s still called being in style when worn, no matter the occasion, the time, the place, or the country. It’s simple, it’s vintage, it’s classic and it will probably always look good. That’s the core philosophy behind our creative process too: create style that looks cool and never gets out of date. Our clothes are comfortable, and they are designed for the active ones, the easy-going, the people who take life as it comes and enjoy all the moments to the fullest.


Born from the musical flavors of our founder James, King James Music Group offers everyone a way to express themselves through reliable and comfortable clothing. Interesting designs, long-lasting materials and a style that will never die, are all part of our legacy that we want to leave behind.

Just come check out our store and find the item that will make you look and feel the best. 


Our Mission


King James Music Group wants to inspire people to listen to the music of the human souls. We want to make people dance to the rhythm of their own heart, filled with joy and excitement and an eagerness to make the world a better place. We offer people a way to express themselves through fashion and style by creating clothing apparel that will serve as the tools to show their happiness and energy on the outside too. We want to empower people to take charge, to get moving and to never stop chasing their dreams, no matter how many obstacles show up on their path.

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